How to stay motivated throughout the day

1. Eat a healthy breakfast. High protein, low sugar. You're probably tired of hearing about the importance of eating breakfast, but it is sooo true. To start your day with a healthy meal that includes good carbs, proteins and vitamins helps you to stay energized the whole day. You'll feel motivated to start your day and complete your tasks. 
My personal favorite energetic breakfast is a breakfast bowl of either a thick protein-smoothie covered with fruits, nuts and berries, or a bowl of chiapudding with fruits, nuts and granola.
2. Rewrite your goals every day. Repetition is key, and frequently writing your goals down on a piece of paper will help you to manifest these goals in your mind and eventually your body and all your being will subconsoiusly start working towards those goals. Also, writing down your dream goals and being able to see it in front of you creates a motivation and a willpower to take on any tasks and overcome any obstacles.
3. Plan every day in advance. Make a simple to do list and start with the one thing on the list that seems most important to you, then go on with the next. This helps you go through all your tasks and prevents you from getting stuck between one task and another. You simply just keep going on until the list is done. I am a person who loves planning things, and there are a lot of applications and tips and tricks that makes planning more efficient. One app that I have tried and find helpful is "todoist". 
4. Listen to positive audio-programs throughout the day, like inspirational podcasts or youtube videos about how to improve yourself. You'll not only learn new things, it'll also help you to keep a positive mind throughout the day and prevent you from getting dismotivated or discouraged. Instead of listening to music on the bus, or radio in the car, turn on a podcast or other audio-programme that inspires you. Personally I like watching youtoube videos and ted talks when I do cardio at the gym or whenever I need some fast motivation. Two men to follow on youtube is Brian Tracy and Bob Proctor, they're both very experienced and educated. But whatever you find motivating and that fits you and your daily routines is perfect.
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